Universities go all-in-one

Just as states and cities are trying to give their residents comprehensive digital access to government services, universities are starting to take the same tack, offering students mobile apps containing information about campus events, athletics and academic support. Kansas State University’s Polytechnic Campus, for instance, has partnered with a company called Rah Rah to develop an app designed to help students keep up with clubs and organizations, schedule appointments with campus services and check in at nearby off-campus events.

Christopher Smith, the university’s executive director of enrollment management, marketing and financial aid, and Terri Gaeddert, the associate dean of academics and student success told EdScoop recently they’re trying to meet students “where they’re at.”

But edtech heavyweights are also getting in on all-in-one platforms. In April, Ellucian launched a new product, called simply Experience, that’s designed to be a hub where students can monitor their grades, connect with academic advisers or see their financial-aid status. The company told EdScoop at the time the platform will integrate with about 150 other education software vendors Ellucian works with, all in the name of making students’ experience more seamless.

“Particularly for students, when there’s sand in the gears of their educational journey, it’s harder to be successful,” said Stephen Laster, Ellucian’s chief product officer.

Benjamin Freed

Written by Benjamin Freed

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