Calling tech workers: Computer science classes need you

The TEALS program is calling for technology industry volunteers to co-teach computer science in classrooms.

Microsoft’s TEALS program is looking for tech volunteers.

The program, which stands for Technology Education and Literacy in Schools, partners computer science professionals with classroom teachers to co-teach computer science in high schools around the country.

The technology company is calling for computer science professionals to become trained volunteers and pair up with a teacher.

After about two years, the teacher should be able to take the reins and be capable of teaching Advanced Placement Computer Science.


One district already testing this program is Loudoun County Public Schools — the Virginia district is attempting to attract volunteers from the tech industry through webinars.

More than half of schools around the country do not have any computer science classes, according to TEALS founder Kevin Wang.

TEALS is currently recruiting volunteers for the program. If you are interested in volunteering, visit for more information.

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