Security cameras inside Princeton dorms spark concern among students

Princeton dorms are getting new security cameras inside entryways and students aren’t happy about it.
security camera
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Princeton University is expanding its security camera network, but the installation of cameras inside residential buildings has caused discomfort among students.

Students were expecting cameras to be installed only on the outside of residential buildings and were surprised to see cameras installed inside entryways, student newspaper The Daily Princetonian reported on Thursday.

The university announced plans to install additional security cameras “at all exterior doorways in undergraduate residential college buildings and dorms” in a memo send to students, faculty and staff on March 8. The memo said that no cameras would be installed in “any other undergraduate residential areas” including “restrooms, hallways, private rooms, or residential college lounges.”

Students interviewed by The Daily Princetonian said they were not necessarily opposed to cameras being placed outside buildings, but said cameras inside building were “crossing a boundary” and made them feel uncomfortable.


A university spokesperson told the paper that “campus architecture does not allow for effective placement of cameras on the exterior of buildings” and each camera went through “multiple levels of review to ensure its field of view is directed at the door as intended.”

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