SUNY Buffalo rolls out online series on computer vision, a hot field in AI

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In line with the higher education trend of skill-based certifications and the emergence of new, specialized fields in artificial intelligence, the State University of New York at Buffalo announced Wednesday it has launched an online curriculum to prepare students in the field of computer vision.

Computer vision, a field of computer science that attempts to train computers to interpret and react to visual media, is quickly becoming one of the hottest fields in AI. The total market value for computer vision is expected to surge from an estimated $1.1 billion in 2016 to $26.2 billion by 2025, according to research firm Tractica. Several top tech corporations, including Amazon, Apple and Intel, are investing heavily in the field.

With applications for autonomous vehicles, manufacturing and retail, learning the fundamentals of computer vision will equip students for future careers in AI, according to the university.

As a result, SUNY Buffalo has developed a four-course series — delivered online — to introduce students to the technology behind systems that mimic complex human vision capabilities, ultimately preparing learners with the foundation necessary to design computer vision programs from scratch.

“The first course of this specialization will give the learner an overview of the concepts and applications of computer vision, and the next three courses will cover them in detail,” Junsong Yuan, a computer science professor, explains in a press release.

Each course, according to their descriptions, consists of short video lessons, demos, hands-on exercises, project work, readings and discussions.

Currently, the first three courses are available for enrollment, while the fourth is scheduled to launch on May 13.

“Students completing this specialization will be more equipped for a career in computer vision,” said Brandon Armstrong, a content developer for MathWorks, which hosts the online courses.

SUNY Buffalo’s computer vision series can be audited by students at no cost, but the fee to gain complete access – which includes submitting all assignments for feedback or a grade, and the opportunity to earn a certificate after course completion – is $49 per month.