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George Mason University wants to expand RPA group nationwide

by EdScoop Staff

On the Cutting EDge podcast, the founders of George Mason University’s RPA Initiative say the effort has nationwide potential.

George Mason U. launches statewide academic automation community

by Jake Williams

The new initiative will bring together universities around the state to collaborate on robotic process automation.

AI is growing in higher education, but it isn't automating everything

by Emily Bamforth

Tedious workflows and repetitive tasks are being automated at colleges and universities, leaving staff more time for authentic interactions with students.

Ohio State researchers outline ‘smart’ job growth post-COVID

by Jake Williams

A new study from university researchers offers the central Ohio region six ideas to prepare for jobs of the future.

AI software maker donates $16M in licenses to George Mason U.

by Betsy Foresman

Thanks to a donation from UiPath, business students will get free access to its robotic process automation software.

Cyber automation enables UNC school to focus on bigger threats

by Jake Williams

New tools from Cisco are allowing a three-person team to do "encrypted threat analytics and more," said chief information security officer Don Bryant.

With mass automation ahead, educators must pivot, futurist tells IT leaders

by Emily Tate

Michio Kaku says that as memorization of facts and details becomes less valuable, the future job market will rely on intellectual capital.