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Online learning remains high priority for higher ed, Educause report finds

by Emily Bamforth

Colleges and universities are increasing their use of hybrid and blended learning models, but students still prefer face-to-face learning.

For fall semester, SDSU prepares 'ecosystem of approaches'

by Betsy Foresman

CIO Jerry Sheehan said that new technology and improvements to online learning will ensure students have continued access to quality education in the coming semester.

ASU to host two-day virtual training event to prepare educators for fall classes

by Betsy Foresman

The event will provide support for faculty to help them design effective and engaging online and blended-learning courses for students.

After the pandemic, AI tutoring tool could put students back on track

by Betsy Foresman

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University were forced to halt testing on AI-powered tutoring software, but it could find a new use when in-person classes resume.

Amid coronavirus outbreak, tech keeps students connected — for good or ill

by Betsy Foresman

The coronavirus epidemic has disrupted education around the world, but collaboration and technology has been able to keep students in class.

Edtech doesn't replace teachers — it augments classroom learning

by Jake Williams

Educational technologies take some training to deploy effectively, but ultimately they can transform classrooms, says an Indianapolis-area educator.

CoSN names top resources for personalized learning

by Betsy Foresman

Adaptive technologies backed by data analytics and blended learning were named among the top tools helping educators to improve outcomes for students.

How an Austin school district is preparing for VR, IoT and everything in-between

by Ryan Johnston

Kevin Schwartz of Austin Independent School District says educators are building success on keeping an open mind when it comes to new technologies.

Dispelling the concerns around utilizing remote proctoring systems

by Rory McCorkle

Commentary: As online learning continues to grow, the integrity of student exams is called into question. If done correctly, remote proctoring can be