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NTIA distributes first grants in 'Connecting Minority Communities' program

by Colin Wood

The NTIA distributed five grants totaling more than $10 million to minority-serving institutions seeking to improve broadband access.

Ohio is using $12.1 million to improve fiber speeds for colleges

by Emily Bamforth

Forty-one schools across the state are getting planned upgrades to internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, officials said.

North Carolina colleges to hire regional cyber directors, update ERP and broadband

by Emily Bamforth

A new state budget includes community college funding for nine regional cybersecurity officers, an updated ERP system and broadband updates.

Federal data-sharing may spot students eligible for internet subsidy

by Emily Bamforth

Instead of requiring Pell Grant students to prove their status, data sharing would enable automatic verification through the National Verifier, similar to other government programs.

Minority-serving institutions get $3 million for cyberinfrastructure

by Emily Bamforth

The institutions can use the National Science Foundation funding to boost research capacity and give their students new training and mentorship opportunities.

Pandemic relief bill 'doesn't go far enough' for higher education

by Betsy Foresman

Policy experts said that although the aid is welcome, the pandemic's mark on higher education will last longer than the funding provided by the latest federal relief.

FCC denies educators' request for exclusive access to Educational Broadband Service

by Betsy Foresman

The FCC will stick with its 2019 decision to license wireless spectrum historically reserved for educational institutions to private carriers building 5G networks.

Biden focus on higher education could help institutions survive pandemic

by Betsy Foresman

Education policy experts said the president-elect's agenda could alleviate challenges that the Trump administration has not addressed.

Friends remember SETDA director Candice Dodson as an edtech 'powerhouse'

by Betsy Foresman

Friends and colleagues mourning online said Dodson's contributions to education will leave a lasting impact, many renewing their own commitments in her memory.