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Florida college says chatbot brought back 'near-grads' with humor, advice

by Emily Bamforth

Administrators said "Gwen" can answer questions, tell jokes and use emojis to get encourage students to re-enroll.

Chatbots help with creativity, idea-generation, research finds

by Colin Wood

Cornell researchers found that chatbots helped people produce more ideas and shed anxiety that sometimes accompanies group work.

AI chatbot maker Juji jumps into higher education

by Colin Wood

Juji co-founder Michelle Zhou said her company's chatbots are more flexible and their models come pre-trained for higher education customers.

How chatbots are helping university students stay on track

by Betsy Foresman

Chatbots are helping universities better understand the needs of their students and proactively guide them toward support, educational technology leaders said.

A new chatbot could help at-risk students stay in college

by Betsy Foresman

The new machine learning-powered chatbot from EdSights gives advisers key insights into the challenges students are facing and how to address them.

In higher ed, not all chatbots are created equal

by Daniel Robb

Commentary: Choose technology that best suits the institution's specific needs for student engagement, just as USC Aiken has, says Daniel Robb.