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Why Eastern Michigan University is updating classrooms for flexible delivery

by Emily Bamforth

Simultaneous in-person and virtual sessions are a growing trend for which university leaders are now measuring demand.

Missouri's Lincoln University plans immersive classroom technology with possible VR

by Colin Wood

New technology training, along with classroom devices and possible virtual reality upgrades, are on the way this fall for the small HBCU.

Despite challenges, university CIOs back continuing pandemic-era tech

by Colin Wood

The CIOs of Texas Tech and Virginia Tech their new hybrid-learning models contain much that should be preserved once the pandemic has passed.

UT Austin business class beams in 3D hologram of professor

by Colin Wood

A business school at the University of Texas, Austin, has partnered with a local startup to beam full-body 3D holograms of professors into the classroom.

Alabama universities get $72 million for remote-learning tech

by Colin Wood

The latest round of federal funding will enable universities and colleges across the state to purchase new security software, video-conferencing equipment and remote-desktop software.

Powered by tech, university classrooms will look different this fall

by Colin Wood

Now straddling two audiences, university classrooms are getting upgrades that include document cameras and touchscreen podiums that simultaneously broadcast notes to in-person and remote students.

Educators have a 'moral obligation' to prepare students for technology

by Colin Wood

Sara Hunter, one of EdScoop's 2020 "NextGen: Emerging EdTech Leaders," said her career in education has shown her the power and growing relevance of digital technology.

11 ways to enhance digital reading in the classroom

by Stacey Pusey

Commentary: Physical books are here to stay, but edWeb.net’s Stacey Pusey shares how digital resources can help readers connect to education in new ways.

At Indiana U., video platform blends traditional and distance education

by Betsy Foresman

Students can't always make it to class, but a video conferencing platform ensures many in-classroom benefits are preserved with remote attendance.