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ISTE releases first-ever multi-disciplinary K-12 STEM guidelines

by Ryan Johnston

The competencies are intended to give all K-12 teachers, regardless of subject, a base for instructing computer science.

State-level policy for computer science education continues to grow

by Colin Wood

A new report from Code.org shows that many states are putting policy support behind computer science education like never before.

Microsoft to invest $1.5 millions in Computer Science Teachers Association

by Ryan Johnston

The investment will act as "seed money" for the K-12 association and will be distributed over three years, Microsoft officials said.

ISTE's updated computer science standards will reflect a 'new era' of the discipline

by Ryan Johnston

Educators and edtech specialists are encouraged to provide feedback on the draft of computer science standards until July.

ISTE and Code.org partner to advance computer science education

by Chloe Kim

The partnership comes as ISTE prepares to update its computer science education standards.

White House official: Investing in computer science education will pay off

by Emily Tate

Matt Lira, from the Office of American Innovation, said teaching students computer science now will eventually "do amazing things in the economy."

Education groups roll out K-12 Computer Science Framework

by Wyatt Kash

A consortium led by Code.org releases nation's first framework to guide development of computer science curriculum in K-12 schools.

Coding is cool, U.S. CTO Smith tells students at White House computer science summit

by Richard W. Walker

Obama administration introduces host of new initiatives designed to expand computer science education.

Computer science expertise boon for manufacturing industry

by Yizhu Wang

Employers are looking for computer science skills, but not necessarily degrees.