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SAT testing to go permanently digital by 2024

by Emily Bamforth

Students will take the SAT digitally by 2024, but will still need to take the test under the eyes of an in-person proctor, according to the College Board.

With online SAT on hold, universities drop test requirements

by Jake Williams

The College Board has halted putting the SAT online during the pandemic. Now universities are dropping their standardized testing requirement on applications.

College Board puts online SAT on hold

by Betsy Foresman

Concerned with potentially compromising the test's integrity, College Board is not making the SAT available online this year and asking universities to loosen admissions requirements.

SAT will move online if schools don't reopen, College Board says

by Betsy Foresman

The standardized testing company College Board says it's preparing to put the SAT online and to help students who don't have access to broadband or devices.

College Board sold student data for 47 cents each, lawsuit claims

by Betsy Foresman

The nonprofit that administers the SAT and AP exams says it doesn't sell student data, but a Chicago Public Schools parent claims otherwise.

New AP computer science course sees 50 percent growth in second year

by Ryan Johnston

The Computer Science Principles course is a boon because it approaches the subject from a creative, multi-disciplinary view, officials say.