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Six ways to strengthen digital citizenship this summer

by Eileen Belastock

Commentary: Here are a few things parents should watch out for and educate their children about as students gain more free time over the holiday.

Congress wants to know how social media affects childhood development

by Ryan Johnston

A new piece of legislation would authorize a 5 million, five-year study conducted by the NIH to study technology's impact on adolescents.

Apple's new time management tools on iOS 12 are a win for kids, advocates say

by Patience Wait

Apple joins Google in providing accessible parental controls to manage kids' screen time, a move applauded by Common Sense Media.

Edtech software providers fall short on privacy practices and guidelines, report says

by Corinne Lestch

Nearly 90 percent of the most popular edtech services fail to meet the minimum criteria for transparency and privacy, Common Sense finds.

Education community welcomes investors' concerns about tech addiction

by Patience Wait

Apple asked to study measures to address problem of tech addiction among children.