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Northeastern University tech director arrested over bomb scare

by Lindsay McKenzie

A former tech manager at Northeastern's Immersive Media Lab was charged with masterminding a bomb hoax last month at the Boston university.

Yale admin stole millions in computer equipment to buy fancy things

by Colin Wood

Jamie Petrone-Codrington pleaded guilty to wire fraud and filing false tax returns after a nine-year scheme that cost the school $40 million.

Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to hacking users at two Philadelphia-area colleges

by Benjamin Freed

The U.S. Justice Department said the man gained illegal access to staff and student email accounts and attempted to file phony tax returns.

UCLA creates hate-crime map for a more complete picture

by Betsy Foresman

University researchers said the map is intended to supplement reporting on hate crimes and increase awareness.

Miami high schooler charged in DDoS attacks against district

by Benjamin Freed

A 16-year-old junior admitted to orchestrating eight attacks that blocked students and teachers from accessing their virtual learning platform, authorities said.

Using 'USB Killer,' former student fries $58,000 in college computer equipment

by Betsy Foresman

An alumnus of The College of St. Rose destroyed 66 computers, monitors and digital podiums using a device he bought online.