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West Virginia U. latest to join NFT marketplace for college sports

by Colin Wood

NFTU features more than 50 higher education institutions where athletes can profit from their name, image and likeness.

Wharton School is accepting cryptocurrency for tuition payments

by Emily Bamforth

Students taking Wharton's six-week blockchain certificate course can pay with crypto.

How Clemson keeps cryptominers off its supercomputer

by Ryan Johnston

One of the most powerful computing clusters owned by an American university has attracted at least a few opportunistic students.

Cryptocurrency mining continues on university campuses

by Corinne Lestch

University of Michigan CIO Ravi Pendse says the illegal activity can disrupt computer systems and amounts to theft of university resources.

Cryptocurrency firm opens 'Ripple for Good,' a STEM and fintech philanthropy

by Ryan Johnston

Cryptocurrency giant Ripple Labs is allocating more than $100 million to jumpstart a new philanthropic institution.

Campuses embrace cryptocurrency courses following value spike

by Ryan Johnston

Classrooms across the globe have begun to include blockchain and bitcoin into their legal, business and engineering curricula.