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Napa Valley College has been battling ransomware for two weeks

by Colin Wood

Napa Valley College, a community college in Northern California, has been struggling with a ransomware attack for more than two weeks.

Ransomware forces Washington community college offline

by Colin Wood

Faculty at Centralia College, near Seattle, said they first detected the ransomware attack after noticing their files "looked weird."

UMass Lowell cancels classes due to possible cyberattack

by Emily Bamforth

The school has lost several days of classes due to a cyber incident that's still under investigation.

Brown U. cuts off data center after detecting 'cybersecurity threat'

by Colin Wood

The institution's CIO asked all on-campus faculty and staff to stop using Windows-based computers.

Ransomware attack forces North Carolina college to cancel classes

by Colin Wood

Central Piedmont Community College, an institution with 50,000 students in Charlotte, North Carolina, has canceled classes after a cyberattack disabled key systems used for remote learning.

CSU San Marcos was hacked in October

by Betsy Foresman

Students, staff and faculty were notified earlier this year that a malicious actor had accessed sensitive data, prompting an upgrade to multi-factor authentication.

Blackbaud mum on which universities had Social Security data stolen

by Betsy Foresman

The company revised its story last week, but it's still not saying which universities were affected by the cyberattack discovered last May.

University of Utah pays ransomware attackers $457K

by Colin Wood

Administrators said they were able to restore all encrypted data from backups, but they decided to pay the ransom to prevent student and teacher information from being leaked onto the internet.

Malware skimmed credit card numbers from Michigan State's online shop

by Colin Wood

Code embedded in an official university website selling Spartan-branded sweatshirts and mugs compromised financial information of about 2,600 customers.