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Cyberthreats against academia picked up this year, CrowdStrike says

by Benjamin Freed

As financially motivated attacks get easier to carry out, more universities are entering entering the crosshairs, CrowdStrike says.

FBI warns colleges: VPN credentials circulating on Russian forums

by Benjamin Freed

VPN credentials and other account data from a "multitude" of schools are available for sale on cybercrime forums, according to an FBI alert.

Tax-themed phishing scams targeting .edu accounts, IRS warns

by Benjamin Freed

Phony emails claiming to be from the IRS are attempting to get university students and staff to share their personal identifying information.

Georgia State researchers look to disrupt cybercriminal supply chains

by Betsy Foresman

The new study will examine how virtual goods like credit card numbers and forged documents are bought and and sold in illicit online marketplaces.