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Teaching and learning innovation requires supporting (and incentivizing) instructors

by Emily Bamforth

Finding innovations in teaching and learning requires communication with instructors and new offices, speakers said at an event.

Duke hires vice provost for learning innovation, digital ed

by Emily Bamforth

Duke University created a vice provost role to cover its learning innovation and continuing education offices, selecting Georgia Tech online education leader Yakut Gazi.

Gender identity now in students' hands on Duke University portal

by Emily Bamforth

Duke allows students and staff to include their preferred first name and pronouns and manage how gender identity data is used.

'Harmonized' IT systems can diffuse cyber risk, says Duke services director

by Emily Bamforth

Duke University's Mary McKee recommended tackling cybersecurity using a "resource-based" approach.

Duke U. pits fact-checking apps against Trump's State of the Union speech

by Betsy Foresman

The software sometimes faltered, but the student-developed tools also matched some of the president's claims against fact databases in real time.

Six universities shake up their student IDs with new Apple Wallet integration

by Patience Wait

Students can add their university ID cards to Wallet on their Apple Watches, creating both access and payment flexibility, officials told EdScoop.

Campuses embrace cryptocurrency courses following value spike

by Ryan Johnston

Classrooms across the globe have begun to include blockchain and bitcoin into their legal, business and engineering curricula.

Duke IT manager helps integrate the old with the new – while preserving security

by Corinne Lestch

Along with integrating old hardware with new software, IT Manager Sasha Calden is helping move the research university to a cloud-based platform.