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How implementing OER is like training a puppy

by Emily Bamforth

OpenStax Managing Director Daniel Williamson talks about the next steps in adopting open educational resources, outside of free textbooks.

OpenStax makes its online learning tools free

by Betsy Foresman

On top of the publisher's already free catalog of textbooks, online homework resources are now free to teachers and students during the public health crisis.

Georgia State U. says digital textbooks will save students $300K

by Jake Williams

Through a recent $30,000 grant, the school is joining a growing trend of students relying more heavily on digital resources.

University students saved $177 million in 2018 using OpenStax OER

by Ryan Johnston

The era of traditional textbooks and their high costs is coming to a close, says OpenStax' David Harris.

Nearly half of U.S. colleges are using OpenStax textbooks this year

by Emily Tate

The Rice University-based OER publisher reported that students across 5,160 colleges and universities are saving a combined 77 million on its textbooks.

The evolution of educational publishing: Does OER have a quality problem?

by Mike Silagadze

Commentary: As students and teachers seek to make education more affordable, they should consider a peer-review process for open educational resources.

How OER can help overcome the higher education equity barrier

by Jake Williams

In addition to spreading access to knowledge, the digital-focused education tools can help lower the cost of education for students, experts say.