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​The rebirth of student affairs in higher ed

by Haider Ali

Commentary: Student affairs should be one of an institution’s top priorities. It’s time to treat it like one — and technology can help.

When teachers are scarce, software fills a void

by Tom Arnett

Commentary: While technology has become a pervasive part of the classroom, it can also help meet immediate learning needs as schools face a growing shortage of teachers.

E-rate data suggests need for improvement

by John Harrington

Commentary: E-rate funds are seen as essential for broadband expansion, but gaps remain in meeting FCC goals to obtain those funds.

Why university networks face heightened cyber-risks

by David Williamson

Commentary: The proliferation of devices connecting to university systems will force IT directors to rethink their DNS and DHCP network solutions.

Expand your career options with a computer science degree

by Jackie Roberson

Commentary: A computer science degree can be an asset in a number of fields after students graduate college.

Can new EdTech tools combat economic despair?

by Julia Freeland Fisher

Commentary: Personalized online learning platforms can potentially expand student engagement and even help prevent kids from dropping out of school.

Myths in student privacy and advertising

by Brendan Desetti

Commentary: Brendan Desetti of SIIA explains why a recent National Education Policy Center report offers misguided information about student privacy.

Bringing careers into classrooms through technology

by Sabari Raja and Jason Leiker

Commentary: Students need real-world role models to talk to them about possible careers while they are learning.

When research on blended learning doesn’t match reality

by Preston Smith

Commentary: Rocketship Education CEO Preston Smith argues why a recent report on virtual and blended schools misses the mark.