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As hybrid learning takes off, universities consider the future of classrooms

by Jake Williams

Physical campus spaces are changing after the pandemic. How does that affect how students learn?

Alignment, strategy are keys to IT modernization at Kent State

by Jake Williams

John Rathje, the university’s CIO, says aligning with business-focused functions of the university has made modernizing technology — and serving users — better.

For student success, institutions need better data

by Jake Williams

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, universities will need to think more critically about how they approach data to drive student success, experts say.

University digital services? Don't forget 'the bottom part,' CIO says

by Jake Williams

An emphasis on IT infrastructure is essential to support whatever service offerings higher education institutions have in mind, says Sam Segran, CIO of Texas Tech University.

University IT department's 'seat at the table' expanded during pandemic

by Jake Williams

University of Tulsa CIO Paige Francis says IT stepped up during the pandemic, changing how the institution will work with technology in the future.

Tech alignment ‘single most important’ issue for higher ed CIOs

by EdScoop Staff

Arizona State University CIO Lev Gonick says aligning tech priorities with a university’s strategic vision is essential.