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Are schools getting justifiable value out of their student surveillance?

by Ryan Johnston

Educators must rethink the default assumption that blanket surveillance is worth the loss of privacy, experts say.

Technology may not stop a school shooting from happening, but it can still help

by Emily Tate

As districts grapple with how best to protect students and staff in an age of lockdowns, many are looking to advanced communications systems and facial recognition software.

The Department of Education wants to make schools safer. But it won't say how.

by Mark Satter

The new Federal Commission on School Safety has faced criticism from educators, school safety experts and activists alike.

How one college helps protect its students when they're far beyond campus

by Ryan Johnston

With mobile technology, Marquette University keeps students informed — and accounted for — while they're overseas.

Anonymous tip apps aim to help students stay safe

by Ryan Johnston

The makers of Say Something and similar digital tools say they empower students and staff to take action in making their schools more secure.