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Colleges are still struggling to connect with their students, survey finds

by Lindsay McKenzie

A new Salesforce survey shows that even as students return to campus, most struggle to feel a sense of belonging at their institutions.

Edtech companies double down on 'intelligent' solutions for data-sharing

by Emily Bamforth

Education software companies Anthology and Liaison launched new products aimed at harnessing student data by bridging information systems.

Modern Campus acquired three companies in 2021, with an eye to student engagement

by Emily Bamforth

Modern Campus CEO Brian Kibby said his firm aims to help colleges and universities engage their students in lifelong relationships.

As enrollment crashes, universities are reinventing themselves

by Colin Wood

Professionals are turning to higher education in great numbers while those most vulnerable to the pandemic's vicissitudes are stopping out.

Indian River State College taps mobile app to keep students engaged

by Colin Wood

Indian River State College has adopted a new mobile platform called Rah Rah to keep its students engaged and enrolled.

How chatbots are helping university students stay on track

by Betsy Foresman

Chatbots are helping universities better understand the needs of their students and proactively guide them toward support, educational technology leaders said.

Universities must encourage discourse on racism, pandemic, said educators

by Betsy Foresman

Students who would normally discuss current events on campus must be given virtual forums to ensure conversations continue, university leaders said on a recent webcast.

Chatbot helps universities check in with students during the pandemic

by Betsy Foresman

The COVID-19 Chatbot is helping advisers ensure students have the resources they need both for their educations as well as their mental and emotional well-being.

Verizon commits $1 million to winners of 5G EdTech Challenge

by Betsy Foresman

Winners of the competition tackled classroom challenges like student engagement, teacher preparedness and special needs support for K-12.