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Colleges are still struggling to connect with their students, survey finds

by Lindsay McKenzie

A new Salesforce survey shows that even as students return to campus, most struggle to feel a sense of belonging at their institutions.

Most college online chiefs expect hybrid shift by 2025, survey finds

by EdScoop Staff

A survey by the online-education assessment organization Quality Matters suggests that hybrid learning will be the norm for most students.

Survey shows many students are falling behind during the pandemic

by Colin Wood

Many tutors on Wyzant's turtoring platform said their students are falling behind, and one-third said they think some students will never catch back up.

University students report worse educations during pandemic

by Colin Wood

A recent survey commissioned by the publication Intelligent shows that students are generally having a harder time learning and getting support during the pandemic.

University IT leaders are preparing for the unpredictable, survey shows

by Betsy Foresman

Technology leaders at institutions of higher learning are developing flexible plans that account for many possible scenarios this fall, according to new poll data collected by Educause.

Higher education leaders are disconnected from IT issues, survey says

by Betsy Foresman

New survey data shows that presidents, provosts and chief financial officers are not well engaged with the technology issues facing their campuses.

Students want tech to help navigate higher education, survey shows

by Betsy Foresman

Proactive learning interventions, deadline reminders and increased use of trend data are all things the next generation of students say they want.

Demand for broadband in schools strong, E-Rate survey shows

by Betsy Foresman

E-Rate recipients came out in record numbers for an annual survey conducted by Funds For Learning, which found sustained demand for bandwidth.

Digital credentials could boost student confidence, higher education survey shows

by Betsy Foresman

Data from the survey shows that credentials are becoming increasingly important to hiring managers and students, who report feeling unprepared.