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How an Austin school district is preparing for VR, IoT and everything in-between

by Ryan Johnston

Kevin Schwartz of Austin Independent School District says educators are building success on keeping an open mind when it comes to new technologies.

CoSN CEO previews edtech 'enabler' and 'accelerator' reports

by Ryan Johnston

"Learners as creators" and "mobile devices" will each top upcoming reports to be released by the Consortium for School Networking later this year.

How one K-12 technologist deals with the most common innovation hurdles

by Ryan Johnston

The chief technology officer of Austin Independent School District says technology is the missing piece for many classrooms today.

Governors are putting greater support behind education at every age level

by Ryan Johnston

Adult and technical, K-12, and early-childhood education are all finding heightened support from state leaders, policy analysts said at SXSW 2019.

'CodeCrush' immersion experience builds a Midwest STEM community

by Ryan Johnston

A grassroots coding workshop in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska is giving girls and their teachers a new resource for building technology skills.

Predictive analytics tools are boosting graduation rates and ROI, say university officials

by Wyatt Kash

University leaders at SXSW EDU 2019 say they're now able to spot anomalies and intervene to help struggling students sooner.