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Anatomy professor builds video library for 'very tactile' course

by Betsy Foresman

Uncertain of what the pandemic would dictate this year, comparative anatomy professor Scott Hartman said he wanted his students prepared for any teaching scenario.

Alaska partners with Florida-based virtual school for K-12 students

by Betsy Foresman

A new partnership with the Florida Virtual School will expand options for Alaska's students who are learning from home, Gov. Mike Dunleavy said.

South Carolina district moves to replace snow days with 'e-learning days'

by Patience Wait

Every student in the district will have a Chromebook by November, just in time to institute a pilot program that replaces snow days with virtual schoo

Seven Florida universities join state's cyber training platform

by Mark Satter

The Florida Center for Cybersecurity will bring its virtual learning lab, called the CyberHub, to more public universities across the state this fall.

Missouri governor signs virtual schools bill hours before resigning his seat

by Corinne Lestch

New legislation, signed during Gov. Eric Greitens' final hours in office, will significantly expand online education for Missouri's K-12 students.

SNHU pilots blockchain-enabled credential program

by Ryan Johnston

The digital program, which provides a platform to organize degrees, certificates and competencies, will be offered to 1,000 alumni initially.

Immersive technology keeps Rutgers students in class and off the buses

by Emily Tate

Telepresence technology from Cisco allows faculty members at Rutgers University to be in two classrooms at once, eliminating the need for cross-campus commutes.

Online college students crave community, new report finds

by Corinne Lestch

Regular interaction and collaboration with other students and instructors would improve the online learning experience, according to those surveyed.

How 5,000 students will go whale watching with biologists in real time

by Emily Rogan

Distance learning technologies are opening up live instruction opportunities with science experts thousands of mile from the classroom.