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Enhancing cyber posture with limited resources and budget

by EdScoop Staff

How SLED organizations can simplify and secure remote access, protect critical infrastructure and data, and reduce costs while reducing risk.

Midwestern higher education group selects Dell as data center provider

by Emily Bamforth

Dell will offer data center modernization and virtualization technologies to schools and universities seeking bulk discounts on IT modernization projects.

IT and cyber collaboration was key in Ohio U.'s pandemic response

by Benjamin Freed

A network engineer and a security engineer from Ohio University described how they've worked closely during the pandemic to keep the school's network secure.

Virtual desktops a 'game changer' for college students

by Corinne Lestch

The University of Arkansas and UMass Lowell have moved to virtual desktop infrastructure to ease pressure on computer labs.

CoSN, VMware and Team4Tech join forces to support rural Utah school district

by Ryan Johnston

The partnership will be dedicated to building a sustainable technological infrastructure throughout Millard School District.