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How zero trust helps higher ed meet remote access and student privacy demands

by EdScoop Staff

Arizona State University's Donna Kidwell and Cisco's Helen Patton discuss why the zero trust security benefits schools as they evolve network access.

'Harmonized' IT systems can diffuse cyber risk, says Duke services director

by Emily Bamforth

Duke University's Mary McKee recommended tackling cybersecurity using a "resource-based" approach.

How Kent State University made the leap to zero-trust security

by EdScoop Staff

Kent State CISO Bob Eckman describes ‘red pill’ decision to align pace of KSU’s security development with its enterprise platform provider, Microsoft.

Securing virtual education with agile, integrated security

by EdScoop Staff

Expanded demand for remote learning forces higher education institutions to look at more-versatile IT security platforms.

Zero-trust strategies: Rethinking the security perimeter for higher ed

by EdScoop Staff

Security experts discuss zero-trust strategies and how higher ed institutions can be more creative with where they set up access controls.