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Cybersecurity in higher education: going from ‘no’ to ‘know’

by Brian Kelly

Cybersecurity is critical to higher education, so it must become an enabler of the business, not an impediment.

‘Zoombombing,’ an early university concern, continues to plague campuses 

by Colin Wood

An IT director at Cornell University said ‘Zoombombing’ was a top concern early in the pandemic, and yet incidents persist across the country.

Penn State president denounces ‘Zoom bombing’ of Black Caucus

by EdScoop Staff

The university is encouraging improved security practices after uninvited users crashed a virtual student meeting with offensive imagery and language.

'Zoombombers' disrupted online classes at several schools, FBI says

by Betsy Foresman

The FBI issued a warning Monday that's it's received reports of video conferences being disrupted by explicit and hateful images and comments.