U. Arizona partners with Navy on online classes for service members

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The University of Arizona has partnered with the United States Naval Community College to offer online courses to enlisted military members, the university announced Friday.

The new partnership will give sailors, marines and coast guardsmen the opportunity to advance their education in intelligence and applied computing, according to the university.

“The partnership with the University of Arizona and the United States Naval Community College speaks to the university commitment to serve our service members across the globe,” Cody Nicholls, Arizona’s assistant dean of students for military and veteran engagement, said in a press release.

Beginning next spring, as many as 150 enlisted members of the U.S. Navy, Marines and Coast Guard will be able to enroll in Arizona courses on subjects including statistics, intelligence analysis and computational thinking.

The intelligence analysis course will be aimed at teaching students how to transform data into information that can be used for operational decision-making to support their missions, while the computational thinking course will teach students how to use statistics and basic computer science and scripting languages to work through large datasets to solve complex informational problems, according to the university. And courses will help service members work toward earning bachelor’s degrees in intelligence and information operations or applied computing.

Several other higher education institutions, including Alexandra Technical in Minnesota, the State University of New York, the University of Maryland Global Campus and Virginia’s community colleges, have also partnered with the United States Naval Community College to offer online courses to nearly 600 enlisted service members in total, according to the Navy.