U. Houston partnered with Microsoft to build STEM career pipeline

(University of Houston)


The University of Houston has partnered with Microsoft in a new initiative to train students and professionals across Texas in digital and technical skills to create new economic opportunity, the university announced last week.

The Microsoft Accelerate program, launched in collaboration with the University of Houston College of Technology, as well as several other education organizations, including the Texas Education Agency, Dallas Independent School District and the nonprofit National Math and Science Initiative, will develop several training programs to address STEM engagement for K-12 students, professional development for educators, workforce development for high school and college students, as well as working professionals looking to enhance their business and technical skills.

“The College of Technology is working with Microsoft to provide Texas communities with resources to create meaningfully unique opportunities … to support workforce creation and up-skilling,” University of Houston Dean Anthony Ambler said in a press release.

The new training programs will help prepare students for the workforce by arming them with skills needed for STEM career, according to Microsoft, including data science, coding and artificial intelligence. Programs will also be developed to help educate teachers on how to incorporate technology into their classrooms and curriculums.

The partnership also aims to focus on creating new opportunities for minority and low-income communities, which often go underserved, Ambler said.