Utah’s $20 million edtech boost to make ‘huge impact’ on schools

Utah’s digital teaching and learning program was already helping students and teachers take advantage of digital resources, but now that effort could go one step further, says Rick Gaisford, the State Board of Education’s educational technology specialist.

Gaisford says in a recent video interview that the program, now entering its third year, received during last year’s legislative session $20 million in funding for digital teaching and learning for the next two years. He says the new funding will enable Gaisford’s program to support more schools in Utah and reach more students.

“It’s making a huge impact on teaching and learning in our state,” Gaisford says. “Over 95 percent of our students potentially are now being impacted by this program.”

The additional funding will also make it easier to increase the quality of education provided, he says.

“It’s all about how to improve teaching and learning with the use of digital teaching and learning resources,” Gaisford says.

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