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Northeastern U. law school blames 'technical error' for accidental admissions emails

by EdScoop Staff

The Northeastern University School of Law accidentally sent 4,000 erroneous acceptance letters, including to more than 200 current applicants.

School's back, and so are scammers, NYS warns students

by Benjamin Freed

College students are prime targets for online scammers and other criminals, New York State officials said in a consumer alert.

UMass hires digital forensics firm to investigate racist emails

by Benjamin Freed

Officials are trying to determine the source of a string of virulently racist messages that were sent to members of Black-led student organizations.

Texas K-12 district loses $2.3 million in email scam

by Betsy Foresman

Manor Independent School District, which disclosed the theft last week, says it's following several "strong leads" alongside the FBI and local police.

Mass email exposes personal data of Georgia Tech students, again

by Colin Wood

After a similar incident last year and a major data breach in April, the university's "emergency response team" is now instating "corrective action."

Student data exposed in U. Pittsburgh email attachment

by Betsy Foresman

Students who received the personal data were asked to delete it and empty the trash can folder in their email client.

Florida high school student sends vulgar memo to entire school after email 'hack'

by Betsy Foresman

School administrators are now investigating how he managed to send an obscene email to all students, staff and faculty.

Dartmouth addresses email security concerns with two-factor authentication rollout

by Betsy Foresman

The college plans to secure user accounts with 2FA from the security company, Duo.

U. Chicago Law School accidentally sends applicant data to new students

by Betsy Foresman

A spreadsheet mistakenly sent to 297 new students contains personal and academic information of every applicant to the school's fall master's program.